Author: Matthew Edwards

Once you have established yourself as a pet owner, there is no going back.The joy and companionship of a feathered or four-legged family member is hard to replace. Many pet owners will start with one animal, believing they are a ‘cat-person’ or ‘only dedicated to dogs’.But, as pet relationships grow and flourish, the tempation to add to the brood can be hard to resist. That bond between pet and owner is a special and magical experience. Often, as young children grow, they will want their own animal to nurture and love.If sensible consideration is applied to breed and size, small dogs,...

Just like people, birds require a range of vitamins and minerals to maintain their health. Calcium is one of the most important – it maintains a healthy skeletal structure, allows the muscular and nervous systems to function properly, normal heart rhythm, cognitive activity, and is vital so blood can clot in wounds.Nesting mothers, and our egg-laying poultry, all need sufficient calcium for good hard eggshells.A calcium-deficient adult bird may utilise the calcium from its bones, leading to brittle bone syndrome. You may notice your bird starts to feather-pluck or exhibit other nervous behaviours. Hypocalcaemia is the term used for abnormally low...

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