Happy May!

Happy May!

Five months into the year already, can you believe it? We’ve prepared some helpful information below to ensure you and your pets are ready for the coming colder months! Brrr…

Let us know how things are going for you! We’re here to provide you with knowledge and support as well as the products to help, so don’t hesitate to come in-store or call us if you have any questions. We’re here for you.
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A few tips from us…


As Winter is just around the corner, your bird is working on developing a healthy bloom and plumage. 
In order to help it get the best head-start, we suggest focusing on it’s dietary needs and adding vitamins as needed.

Our Gold’N’Fruit Condition Food is a fantastic and tasty way for you to introduce the added vitamins and minerals your bird needs. It’s also great in aiding the development of healthy body tissue in chicks!
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Cats & Dogs

Have you noticed your pets’ coat becoming a lot thicker? 
As we move into colder months our amazing adaptive animals are putting on their winter coats.

For this to happen however, their summer coats need to move out of the way! This means moulting. Brushing your animal at this time of year can help thier new coat come in and flourish, as well as allowing you to keep their moulted hair from getting all around the house!

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Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are sensitive to weather changes so it’s important to have a plan in place before the winter weather sets in.
To help them regulate their temperatures, ensure they have fresh and cozy 
Straw, or 
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Fish & Turtles

There’s something fishy going on here!
We’re excited to have 47 new fish tanks in the shop, with a huge range of fishy friends for you to choose from.
After a specific kind of fish? Get in touch with us and we’ll try find it for you!

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As winter comes around the corner you might notice a drop in egg production, this might mean that your chickens are moulting! During this time, all of your chickens’ energy is going to ensuring their feathers are replaced to keep them thermoregulated amongst the the heat changes of the seasons. 
This gives them a well-deserved break, and you can help them rejuvenate during this period by making sure they have quality feed.

Take a look at our Hen Health Tonic to learn more

Animal Fact of
The Month

The Green Woodpecker can eat up to 2,000 ants per day!

Photo: Phil Braun

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