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Best Bird Lorikeet Mix Wet

Best Bird Lorikeet Mix Wet

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Best Bird Lorikeet Mix 600g

  • Nectar Replacement diet
  • Simply mix with water
  • Enriched with Honey
  • Added vitamins and minerals

Best Bird Wet Mix is a balanced, nutritious diet for lories, lorikeets and other nectar feeders. It is in a dry powder form which easily combines with water to form a thick, creamy suspension. It holds well in suspension ensuring all nutrients remain available until consumed. It can be feed on it's own or as part of a planned feeding system in conjunction with Best Bird Dry Mix.

Ingredients :Wheat, Rice,m Glucose, Corn, Fruit, Maize, High grade soya protein isolate, Non fat dairy solids, Honey, Calcium and Magnesium carbonates, vitamins and minerals.




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