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Black Hawk Original Adult Ocean Fish 2kg

Black Hawk Original Adult Ocean Fish 2kg

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Black Hawk Original Adult Ocean Fish 2kg

With the delicious flavour of real ocean fish, this recipe offers complete, balanced nutrition for your adult cat. A carefully selected range of ingredients, including green-lipped mussel, sweet potato and egg helps your cat maintain strong bones and joints, supports their digestion and promotes healthy skin and fur.

Real ocean fish is rich in both omega-3 fatty acids and protein and supports your cat's muscle and brain function, encourages healthy skin and fur, and contributes to overall health and vitality. We also included green-lipped mussel, a natural source of chondroitin that may support joints.

This food contains Yucca Schidigera, a natural odour fighter, yucca extract helps trap ammonia to reduce unpleasant smells in your cat's stool. In addition, made with chicory root, a superfood when it comes to natural prebiotics. Its high inulin content helps feed beneficial bacteria to keep the gut balanced.

An easily digestible protein boost, egg in this recipe offers a complete source of essential amino acids, the building blocks of your cat's body. Eggs also contain choline which supports normal liver function.

Important Feeding Information
Make sure fresh water in a clean bowl is available at all times

Please note: This is a new formula and it is recommended that there is a slow transition over 7 days from the old formula to the new formula to avoid tummy upsets.

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