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Intune Conure And Cockatiel Pellets 908G

Intune Conure And Cockatiel Pellets 908G

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Intune Conure And Cockatiel Pellets 908G

A complete companion bird nutrition that every concerned pet owner has been looking for. InTune is naturally preserved and made with natural flavours and aromas like real bananas and citrus and not artificial sprayed-on flavours. InTune relies on natural sources of its colours, like annotto seeds and tumeric root and NOT from artificial dyes and colours. Unlike competing brands with dull shapes, InTune comes in unique shapes that are sized for your bird. Each shape represents a key inTune factor.

InTune anitoxidant formula uses real fruits and vegetables and highly cooked grains to support better digestion of carbohydrates. DHA and balanced Omega-3 fatty acids are added to support the immune system as well as stabilized Vitamin C and E for proper nutrition. For a healthier digestive system, InTune has encapsulated probiotics that ensure a higher amount of active and beneficial microganisms.

Key Benefits:

  • Natural with added vitamins & minerals
  • Promotes a healthy disgestive system

Made Specifically For: Conures and Cockatiels

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