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Barnyard Chicken Layer Pellets

Barnyard Chicken Layer Pellets

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Barnyard Chiken Layer Pellets

Layer Pellets

Layer Pellets, Made by Mainfeeds

Feed Barnyard layer pellets/mash ad-lib (free choice) from point of lay onwards.  The amount they eat will depend on their size and the amount of other foodstuffs available. Average intakes could be 125g per bird per day.  

Egg production needs a good supply of nutrients and MainFeeds Barnyard Layer Pellets is a complete feed for laying hens ie. it supplies all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals required for hens to maintain good egg production. 

If hens receive a large proportion of their diet as kitchen scraps or vegetables ie. over 50% then extra calcium should be supplemented in the form of oyster shell grit or a similar product to ensure good egg-shell formation. 

It is important to have fresh, clean water available at all times.  Place the water in a separate container away from the dry feed to minimise spillage and dampness.


Nutrient Analysis

Crude Protein                                           min %                                                  14.0

Fat                                                           max %                                                    5.0

Fibre                                                        max %                                                    5.5

Salt                                                          max %                                                    0.4

Ingredients selected from

Grain, grain by-products, plant proteins, animal proteins, animal fats, vegetable oils, minerals, amino acids, yolk colour and a specialised vitamin/mineral premix.



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