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Mineral Energy D-3 Vita 200g

Mineral Energy D-3 Vita 200g

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D-3 Vita Vitamin Supplement for Birds. Parrots, Songbirds as well as other Aviary birds

Caged and aviary birds frequently suffer from mild vitamin deficiencies and imbalances.

There are many “complete” feeds on the market, which claims to provide your bird with all of the vitamins and minerals they need. However, it is dangerous to consider a “complete” feed as the sole component of a nutritionally balanced diet because:

  • If the complete feed is a seed mix, birds will usually eat only the parts they like, missing out on crucial nutrients from other ingredients.
  • Many birds will not eat the pellets in seed mixes, and this is where most vitamins and minerals are in the feed.
  • In “complete” seed mixes, vitamins and minerals often come in a powder form which tends to sink to the bottom of the feeder and not eaten.
  • Fortified seeds contain most of the added nutrients in the husks, which are most often discarded by birds.
  • Breeding birds require extra calcium on top of that supplied in the feed.
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