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Mineral Energy Hemp Seed Oil 300ml

Mineral Energy Hemp Seed Oil 300ml

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Key Features:

The Hemp Seed Oil (Cold Pressed) is useful for pigeons and caged birds. Specifically in cold weather and during breeding times. Hemp Seed Oil is one of the world’s richest sources of natural essential fatty acids. When increased demands are being made on the bird such as hard racing or tossing, cold weather or during breeding and moulting it provides a strengthening effect. Overseas Hemp Seed Oil is traditionally fed to Racing Pigeons and during the breeding of caged birds.

Directions: Add 1ml per kg dry grain / dry seed. Use 2 - 3 days during breeding, racing and moulting times.

Active ingredients per litre:

NAME RANGE Palmitic 5-12 Stearic 1-4.5 Linoleic 45-65 GLA 1-0min Icosenoic 1 max Palmitoleic 0.5 max
Oleic 10-16 Linolenic 14-30 Icosanoic 0-2 Decosanoic 1 max

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