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Mineral Energy Liquid Vitamins 300ml

Mineral Energy Liquid Vitamins 300ml

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Key Features:

Liquid Vitamins is a water-soluble concentrate that is ideal for caged and aviary birds. Offering Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acid

Composition per Litre : Vitamin A 20000000 I.U Vitamin D3 200000 I.U Vitamin E 8000 mg Vitamin B1 1250 mg Vitamin B2 1250 mg Vitamin B6 550 mg Vitamin B12 5 mg Vitamin K 500 mg Vitamin PP 10000 mg D-Pantothenic Acid 2500 mg Biotin 15 mg Choline 100000 mg Cobalt 5 mg Zinc 25 mg Manganese 10 mg Copper 8 mg Iron 15 mg


Add 1ml per litre of clean drinking water or 1ml per kg of dry seed. Use once a week during normal conditions or three times per week during breeding season.

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