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Puppy Chew Tactile Stick

Puppy Chew Tactile Stick

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Puppy Chew Tactile Stick 

COMFORTING SENSORY MATERIAL - Specially designed for sensitive puppy gums

ADORABLE STICK SHAPE - Features soothing grooves for sensitive puppy gums

FREEZE TO SOOTHE GUMS - Chill this puppy toy for extra relief during the teething phase

FUN AND OCCUPYING - Puppy chew toy rolls to engage pups and help fight boredom

ENCOURAGES POSITIVE CHEWING HABITS - Satisfies puppies' natural instinct to chew and discourages destructive chewing

ALLERGEN-FREE PEANUT BUTTER FLAVOR THROUGHOUT - Features tasty flavor to entice pups

FOR SMALL PUPPIES - Size Small chew toy intended for pups up to 11kg

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