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QBPS Pink Powder + Probiotic

QBPS Pink Powder + Probiotic

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QBPS Pink Powder + Probiotic

QBPS Pink Powder + Probiotic contains a multi-strain probiotic as well as a blend of vitamins and minerals. This may help to maintain a balanced digestive system. QBPS Pink Powder + Probiotic is suitable for all birds including Caged, Aviary, Poultry and Pigeons. Can be added to wet mixes, soft food, fruit or seeds.

Active constituents per kg:

Vit. A                                     180.00 IU

Vit. D3                                  20,000 IU

Vit. E                                     2.000 IU

Vit. K                                     10mg

Vit. B1                                  36mg

Vit. B2                                  41mg

Vit. B6                                  4mg

Vit. B12                                10mg

Pantothenate                   175mg

Nicotinamide                  40mg

Cobalt                                  5mg

Copper                                7mg

Iron                                        200mg

Manganese                       440mg

Iodide                                   7.5mg

Selenium                           0.36mg

Molybdenum                    4mg

Zinc                                       320mg

Sodium                               10mg

Calcium Phosphate     

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Gluconate      35%


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