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The Missing Link - Joint & Bone 227g

The Missing Link - Joint & Bone 227g

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Pet Kelp Joint and Bone Formula

Is a seaweed- based nutrition booster for dogs. When sprinkled on top of a good quality food, the powdered kelp formulas provide the extra minerals and vitamins they need in their diet.

Collected from the pristine cold, clear waters of Nova Scotia on the East coast of Canada, Pet Kelp contains 4 very specific kelp species. Kelp as a family of plants has over 300 species and carry the broadest range of vitamins and minerals of any plant group. An un-equalled and complete nutritional panel of 70 vitamins and minerals contained in each and every sachet of Pet Kelp. Ground to a very fine consistency ensuring a high surface area for maximum digestibility and absorption make Pet Kelp a fantastic pre-cursor for a multi-vitamin for dogs!

Key Benefits:

  • Provides a full dose of Glucosamine (1440 mg). With Pet Kelp Bone and Joint formula, your pet will enjoy optimal mobility and overall health from a dual functioning supplement. 

Made Specifically For: Helping pets with joint problems

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