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Vetafarm Nutriblend Mini Pellets

Vetafarm Nutriblend Mini Pellets

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Vetafarm Nutriblend Mini Pellets

Product Description

Key Features:
Fruit flavoured, multi-coloured pellets promote better acceptance by seed-eating birds. Includes balanced vitamins, minerals, calcium and amino acids essential for a stable maintenance diet during the regular season. Extrusion cooked pellets offer a palatable, balanced diet that maintains birds at a healthy weight. Eliminates waste associated with seed and ensures a longer healthier life by providing scientifically formulated nutrition. Available in 3 different sized pellets to cater for a variety of birds.

Recommended for:
Australian and Asiatic parrots.

Also Suitable for:
Exotic parrots (e.g. South American and African Parrots).

Can use with:
Nutriblend Pellets are a complete diet, however, the higher demands of the breeding season may require some additional nutrition be added to the birds diet. Alternatively Nutriblend Breeder Pellets can be used approximately 6 weeks before breeding season, in replacement of Nutriblend Small, until chicks fledge.

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