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Vetafarm Paradise Pellets

Vetafarm Paradise Pellets

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Vetafarm paradise pellets

Product Description

Key Features:
Contains increased levels of vitamin A and vitamin C that fruit eaters require, along with balanced minerals, calcium and amino acids for egg formation, strong development of young and general ongoing health. Super palatable fruit flavours readily accepted by all birds. Reduces the mess, waste and cost of feeding fruit eaters.

Recommended for:
Eclectus parrots and other frugivores such as birds of paradise, toucans and mynas.

Also Suitable for:
Australian, Asiatic and exotic parrots.

Can use with:
Paradise Pellets are a complete diet; no additional dietary supplementation is necessary. Fruits and vegetables can be given as behavioural enrichment, but to balance nutrition, Paradise Pellets should be fed as a minimum of 50% of the diet.

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